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kerastase volumifique shampoo reviews

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It also seems to reduce the oiliness of my hair, which is always a plus. Kerastase carré lissant Limited Edition Smoothing Sheets.50. The final product we received was the new limited edition Carré lissant smoothing sheets. These are formulated with advanced static-control technology to take hair from frizz to smooth. Each sheet has five benefits: Eliminates frizz, controls static, tames flyaways, blocks humidity. Combats dullness, i tried these sheets out twice, but wasnt impressed. They feel like dryer sheets, or a softer version of them. I didnt notice any improvements in the shine or static of my hair. Actually, i didnt see any difference at all.

kerastase volumifique shampoo reviews

The masque densité is the second step, or the Treat Replenish step, of the densifique line. Although the name implies that the product is a mask, it actually works more like a conditioner. It is a daily treatment designed to restore substance, shine, and resiliency. The formulation is a light, creamy gel, which doesnt andere weigh the hair down, and helps to smooth and detangle hair. When I first saw the price of this mask, i was shocked.

Confession number #2, this is the most expensive hair product I think i have ever used on my hair. Granted it isnt the most expensive hair experience i have ever had though; I did live in nyc, where getting your hair cut or colored can cost a small fortune, and sometimes make you want to cry. But I digressdespite its strong smell, the masque densité is amazing. While i wasnt able to try it with the entire line, i did pair it with a couple of the different shampoos I had in my shower, and each time my hair was transformed. I only used it on the mid-section to ends of my hair, as instructed. Regardless of whether I let my hair air dry, or blew it dry, my hair looked amazing. It was shiny, and full of volume, and held its style for days.

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The spray, which is used on towel-dried hair, from the roots to the ends also helps add texture and volume without weighing the hair down, while working to restore hair from the inside out. I have been using a heat protecting spray for almost a year now, and have definitely noticed the difference when it comes to styling my hair. The Spray volumifique definitely delivers on its promise of protection, but i also noticed how much more volume and fullness my hair had, and how much easier it was to style. As with the shampoo and conditioner, the spray has a clean, fruity smell. On a side note, kerastase has not reformulated the spray like they have with the shampoo and conditioner.

Kerastase mousse volumifique 42, the volumifique line also includes a styling product called mousse volumifique. This mousse is designed to provide weightless volume, protect against heat styling and static, while adding strength, substance, and flexible hold. It should be used on towel-dried hair from the roots to ends. I was a bit confused about whether to use this with the Spray volumifique, or in place of the spray. I tried it both ways, and found that if I was just blowing drying my hair, without using a round brush or flat iron or curling iron, using just the spray was sufficient. However, when i used both the spray and the mousse my hair had much more volume and staying power. Bottom line: While the kerastase volumifique line is pretty pricey, it is definitely worth the investment. Each product delivers on its promise to give fine hair more volume, without weighing it down. Kerastase densifique masque densité 62, in addition to the volumifique line, we were also sent the masque densité from the densifique line, which is made to treat aging/mature/life-stressed hair.

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Ive been trying not to wash my hair as often as i used to in hopes that it would be easier to style and stay healthier. This is especially challenging for me because i have naturally oily hair, and even with dry shampoo it doesnt always look fresh. However, after adset using the shampoo and conditioner I noticed a complete change in my hair. I didnt have to wash it for three days, and the products actually made my dry shampoo work even better. It was a hair miracle. Kerastase Spray volumifique. The Prime, or third step, in the volumifique system is the volume Expansion Spray. This spray is designed to add body and fullness to fine hair, while providing blow-dry ease and anti-static protection.

kerastase volumifique shampoo reviews

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You cant really review an entire line when you are missing the first step. I found it on Amazon for. I know they recently changed the formula, so i cant be sure that the product I received is from the new line or old formulation. Kerastase gelée volumifique 42, the next product in the volumifique line is the gelée conditioner, which is part of the Treat Replenish cheats step, or step. Like the shampoo, the conditioner is also designed to amplify and reinforce hair for greater volume and lightness. What is truly unique about Gelée volumifique is that unlike other conditioners, which are usually thick and creamy, this is a light gel formula. In addition, the ingredients in this condition help control frizz, add shine, improve manageability and long lasting style. I found all of these claims, or benefits as the kerastase website calls them, to be spot on and truthful.

Kerastase bain Volumifique 39 if you are not familiar with Kerastase products, they are divided into different regimens, each with three steps. The first step, Cleanse, in the fine hair care line is the bain Volumifique. This shampoo is designed to amplify and reinforce fine hair for greater volume and lightness. In addition, the ingredients in the shampoo also help to control frizz, while adding shine without weighting your hair down. This shampoo definitely delivers on its promise. My hair felt clean, without feeling striped. I also loved the smell of the product. It has a fresh clean smell, with hints of cucumber and grapefruit. the shampoo was not included in the sample box, so i had to purchase virus it myself.

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Press Sample written by Blythe, when it comes to hair products, i am always on the lookout for a line that will make my fine hair look and feel thick and voluminous. This has been a dream of mine since i was a kid. I remember watching Solid Gold, and instead of pining away for Andy gibb, i was mesmerized by beautiful long, luxurious hair of all the dancers. I so wanted to be them and have their hair. (Yes, i am dating myself with this confession, but sadly, its true.). I usually alternate between drugstore and higher end hair products, mostly because once my finicky hair gets used reactie to the products they stop working. When I was asked to review these kerastase products, i was a little hesitant. I wasnt sure if they would actually work on my aforementioned finicky hair. And I have to say, i was overwhelmed by just how amazing my hair looked and felt, even after a second or third day.

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