Then, move your finger around on the trackpad to move the cursor. When you're in this mode, pressing a bit harder on the trackpad will automatically begin highlighting text. Activating live photos, by now, you may have already started taking live photos, but did you know that you can play them back at any time using 3d touch? Just select the live photo you want to view and press. This even works with live photos on your Lock Screen. Multitasking, while older iPhones require users to double tap the home button to call up the multitasking feature, 3d touch lets iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users quickly navigate to the app switcher by pressing on the left side of the screen. To call up multitasking, press on the left side where the bezel and screen meet. A medium press pulls up just the most recent app you've used, while a harder press activates the full multitasking feature where you can swipe through all of your recently used apps.

vr trigger iphone , you can turn your onscreen keyboard into a trackpad so you can use a moveable cursor in text-based apps. Instead of touching and holding a word in an email to highlight it, you can use the trackpad for more precise action. To access the trackpad functionality, press down anywhere on the keyboard until the keys blur out and you feel a bit of haptic feedback.

The app will open directly to that feature. If you don't press hard enough to pop up the schimmel shortcuts and feel a bit of haptic feedback, your phone will instead register a long press that allows you to enter the familiar mode where you can rearrange and delete apps on the home screen. Peek and Pop, peek and Pop is the 3d touch action that happens inside an app. A light press opens a hovering window so you can "peek" at the content. When you press just a little bit harder, you will "Pop" into the actual content you'd just been previewing in a peek. Peek and Pop can be used in a number of different ways, depending on what the app developer wants. For example, while inside the Dropbox app, you can peek into a folder to see what documents are inside and then Pop into the folder if you've found the document you are looking for. In Tweetbot, you can press on a link in a tweet to peek at the web page it links to without going into a full web view. To trigger peek and Pop, lightly press on a link, message, email, folder, or whatever you would like to peek. Press slightly harder on the screen to open the content you were previewing to pop into. You can exit a peek by simply lifting your finger off of the screen.

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Apple's iPhone 6s and 6s Plus has been selling strongly since its launch last month, thanks in part to a number of new features including 3d touch. With it, users can access quick selsun Actions from the home screen and peek and Pop from within a variety of stock and third-party apps. If you're wondering about what all of the hubbub is about, or want to know how to make it work better for you, we've put together this handy guide for 3d touch. If you are still trying to decide whether to upgrade to the iphone 6s model, why not stop into an Apple retail store and test out 3d touch (along with the device's other great features) for yourself on one of the many demo units. Quick Actions, you can only use quick Actions on an app's icon, and it works as shortcut to specific features within the app. For example, the pinterest app includes direct access to trending pins, the search function, and board creation. Instagram's quick Action lets you create a new post, view your activity, search, or send a direct message. To trigger quick Actions, give a firm press on an app's icon. When the menu appears, drag your finger to the shortcut you would like to use.

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We recommend looking up curated lists of games and content to download, because a lot of the available experiences are mediocre. We spent the most time playing Lands End, a puzzle adventure game made by the same team as the beautiful mobile game monument Valley, and Minecraft, a faithful vr re-creation of the popular game that finally takes advantage of its first-person-view mode. Were also a big fan of keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, a party game that requires people not wearing a headset to consult a manual for how to defuse a bomb that only the gear vr wearer can see. These big titles demonstrate the gear VRs advantage over the daydream view: Theres more stuff to do in it, at least for now, which means the headset will be more interesting to use for longer. The gear VRs straps are less stretchy than the daydream views, so the headset doesnt slide around as much. Photo: Signe Brewster Though not as soft as that of the daydream view, the gear VRs padding feels high-quality. The straps are less stretchy than the daydream views, which makes them feel more adjustable and secure. Theres a lens adjustment dial to accommodate different pupil distances, which the daydream view doesnt have.

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We also compared input devices for the headsets. Then we searched for a combination of puzzle, action, and cinematic content, spending at least two hours inside each headset. We dekt used a similar approach to test the cardboard-level headsets, though we swapped in an iPhone 6s as the testing phone. We tested the headsets with two panelists with different head sizes who are new to vr to get their feedback on comfort and ease of use. Our pick: Samsung gear vr photo: Signe Brewster Our pick The samsung gear vr (sm-r325), which works with Samsung flagship phones, offers the best overall experience for anyone interested in mobile virtual reality because its ecosystem of apps and games is larger and better than. The headset has nice padding and adjustable straps; although our four-person suikerziekte panel and I found the daydream views padding and materials more comfortable overall, the gear vr molds to some peoples faces better.

It also has a lens adjustment dial that accounts for different pupil distances, and its lenses provide a wider field of view. The gear VRs remote is easy to hold and intuitive to use once you overcome a small learning curve. However, it weighs about 25 percent more than the daydream view, its a little bit trickier to put your phone in, and its compatible only with high-end Samsung smartphones: the galaxy note 8, S8, S8, S7, S7 Edge, note 5, S6 Edge, s6, and. The gear vr is a little clunkier than the daydream view, but its still easy to slip. Photo: Signe Brewster Once youre wearing the headset, theres a lot to explore. Its ui feels much richer than the daydream views—youll recognize it as Oculus Home if you have tried or already use the more expensive oculus Rift vr headset. If you own an Oculus headset, for free you can re-download the games you already own that work on both headsets.

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Wide field of view: A wider field of view makes for a more immersive vr experience. Easy adjustability: The lens adjusters should be easy to access and use. Straightforward setup: It should be easy to attach any straps or extra pieces and insert a phone. We read vr headset buying guides from. Toms guide and, the verge, and scoured Amazon and Best buy for popular headsets that cost less than. We settled on testing the.

Etvr 3d vr, merge vr virtual reality headset, mattel view-Master, blitzWolf vr headset, elegiant Virtual reality headset, destek v4 vr, and xiaomi mi vr play. How we tested we tested the gear vr and daydream headsets with a samsung Galaxy note. While wearing each headset, we evaluated how the screen looked—because we used the same phone for both headsets, we could directly compare the headsets lenses. We watched for visible pixels, how the screen rendered dark and light colors, and how wide the field of view appeared. We tested fit and comfort with a panel of four people. We also monitored nausea level; vr makes some people experience a form of motion sickness, usually when movement inside the headset doesnt match up with their actual physical movement.

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We made our picks based on available content, comfort, remotes, field of view, adjustability, phone compatibility, user interface, and setup. Low-range options, which make use of googles Cardboard software, are much more abundant. We looked for the following features: Low cost: Cardboard-style headsets are not good enough to use regularly. You shouldnt spend more than you have. Comfort: The headset should have ample padding and sit comfortably on a wide range of faces, and it needs sturdy straps that adjust easily and keep the headset in place. It shouldnt make your face sweat excessively, nor should it weigh too much or natural be front-heavy. Interaction readiness: The headset should have either a button on the side or a handheld remote that allows you to interact with the screen without taking the headset off. Broad compatibility: Modern phones from Apple, samsung, and google kostenfreier should be able to fit in the headset.

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Its not worth switching phones to get a particular vr headset. Neither daydream nor gear vr come with technology or an app ecosystem thats compelling enough to make them a must-have device. Instead, choose the option that works with the phone you have—only the samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 work with both. Cheaper headsets like the etvr work with most high-end smartphones, including iPhones, but they are much more limited. They cant track your hands, and, as a result, compatible apps are less interactive. We dont recommend buying shampoo them unless your phone isnt compatible with gear vr or daydream view and youre determined to have a taste. Photo: Signe Brewster, the samsung gear vr and google daydream headsets are the only midrange options. They offer relatively rich content ecosystems and nice software thats a step up from bare-bones vr like google cardboard, plus handheld input devices that track your hand so you can interact with games.

Theyre also easier to troubleshoot because they use a mobile phone as their computer and screen. But serious gamers who are willing to spend upward of 300 more online (plus the cost of a computer or console) should look into options like oculus Rift, htc vive, and PlayStation vr instead, as they offer much richer experiences, including specialized controllers that can track. Daydream and gear vr offer basic hand tracking with their remotes, but its limited to a single hand and less accurate than the desktop versions. Cheaper headsets sometimes offer a basic remote, but they dont actually track your hands. One of the biggest benefits of buying a mobile vr headset instead of a desktop version, aside from the price tag, is its true mobility. You can wear it on a plane or bring it to a friends house for show-and-tell. (you can even wear one on the subway, but you probably shouldnt.) At this early stage, everyone wants to try. Mobile headsets allow you to become a traveling evangelist. Just be warned that your phones battery wont be happy about.

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Why you should trust us, ive spent the past four years testing and writing about virtual reality headsets andere for publications like techCrunch, mit technology review, and Gigaom. As a staff writer at Wirecutter, ive tested everything from inexpensive mobile phone-based virtual reality headsets to high-end desktop headsets. Ive developed a deep understanding of the features that make a difference and how to detect (and avoid) the annoyances inherent to this emerging technology. We also interviewed four experts, including Gil Baron, ceo of Visionary vr ; Sophia dominguez, ceo and cofounder of svrf ; Ben Lang, cofounder of road to vr ; and Bruce wooden, head of experience at Altspacevr, to learn what they believe are the most. Who this is for, when you put on a vr headset, youre immersed in a virtual world where you can turn your head and look around, just like in the real world. For around 100 (if you already own a compatible smartphone you can get a passable mobile vr headset with access to content like short movies, adventure games, and puzzles for adults and kids. These devices are cheaper, more portable, and much simpler to set up than the higher-end desktop vr headsets.

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